IC2 Feeniks continues to provide camouflage materials to Finnish Defence Forces

Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö has authorized The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command to acquire camouflage materials for The Finnish Defence Forces. The value of the purchase is around 10 million Euros and includes camouflage nets and camouflage support poles. IC2 Feeniks continues as provider the camouflage support poles. The estimated value of the purchase is around 1,5 million Euros.

“This is the valuable extension to our co-operation with Finnish Defence Forces. Our customers have been satisfied with the quality products and the service. This is a important contract to us and we will continuously improve our co-operation and well as offer more specified customized covering solutions” comments Plant Manager Kalevi Rautiainen.

IC2 Feeniks military solutions have been developed with co-operation with our customers to withstand heavy use and extreme conditions. The high quality materials, the expertise of our staff and the quality standards of our working policy will quarantine the long lasting, customer friendly and adequate solutions.

More information:

Plant Manager Kalevi Rautainen
+35850 5969009