We have advanced solutions for protecting people and equipments against chemical, biological and radioactive threats. For example our CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) Isolation Pod gives protection for chemical and biological threat and nuclear radiation.  There are also these products in our protection selection

  • Cleaning and Protection Products
  • ColPro Systems
  • Isolation Pod
  • Different kinds of Support Systems and General Protection
  • The Storage Sac for Dangerous Materials

Infectious patient Isolation Pod (IPIP)

Rapidly deployable one-patient evacuation system.

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CBRN Isolation pod

Mobile decontamination unit’s

VCS-100 is a mobile decontamination unit designed for demanding hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination processes.


Fragment Trap

The Fragment Trap provides an easy-to-deploy means to shied off fragments from explosives when public safety is at risk.

Fragment Trap

The Storage Sac for Dangerous Materials

We customize products to match your needs.

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