Akuuttihoitopäivät -event 23-25.5.2016

Akuuttihoitopäivät GOES TO SEA 23-25.5.16 The study cruice of the acute care, Silja Serenade

We introduce our newest solution: MediPod Patient Isolation Pod.

You are wellcome to meet us and find more regarding our solutions during the cruice or on  23.5 at harbor  ( invites only).

Invitations via Seija Knuutinen  seija.knuutinen(at)ic2feeniks.com                      Gsm: +358 50 573 5471

IC2 Feeniks is specialized in designing and manufacturing technical textile solutions for public safety. Public Safety& Rescue –products are controversial solutions designed for special target group. These products cover the protection needed in all rescue and safety tasks. We are developing the solutions to all possible variations needed. The starting point of designing these solutions is to develop more user-friendly and innovative alternatives to compare the traditional ones. More information on Public Safety & Rescue Solutions.

Markku Immonen

markku.immonen(at)ic2feeniks.com    Gsm: +358 50 4387111