Mansen Mörinät -event 1.-2.4.2016 Tampere

Finlands best machine days are held at Tampere on 1.-2.4.2016. The event introduces the newest solutions regarding earthmoving-, transport-,  and construction machinery.

Meet IC2 Feeniks & our co operator Kurikan Hyväkone and explore the exellent machines and the finnish quality solutions at our stand  Turkkirata 19 B-C 33960 Pirkkala.

IC2 Feeniks offers various weather protection solutions for pallets and containers.  There is also complex attachment solutions and insulation available. Check more at IC2 Feeniks Truck Curtains Sides and Pallet Covers.

More information regarding our various Vehicle Covering Solutions:

Ms. Sanna Siirilä-Reinikainen

sanna.siirila(at)                      Gsm: +358 50 577 2100