How did we prepare for COVID-19?

We all can agree that this current year has already been very unusual and will be remembered. Most of all it has shown us we haven’t been prepared for it. No one expected that disease like COVID-19 can affect our society like it did and how did we prepare?

Our latest product Infectious Patient Isolation Pod, IPIP, is made for situations no one expects – just like COVID-19 spring. It’s made against biological threats such as viruses and bacterial disease. IPIP is designed and used to protect medical personnel or the surrounding interior from secondary patient contamination.

Basically, IPIP is rapidly deployable one-patient evacuation system which prevents viruses spreading. It is made with reliable materials carefully selected to provide rugged and reliable usability. IPIP is easy and quick to set up and it comes packed in a PVC case which can be decontaminated easily.

The blower feeds an over pressure system with HEPA filtered air. The fresh air flows from head to feet for comfort. The air is filtered again as it is expelled from the unit. The battery powered blower provides up to 8 hours independent operation time.

The system allows for continuous monitoring and treatment of the patient using a feed through set for IV, O2, respirator and monitor cables. It also has the option of extra glove insertions and ambulance stretcher attachments. Therefore, IPIP is perfectly suitable for ambulance usage too.

IPIP was designed and made long before we even knew anything about existence of COVID-19. Solutions, like IPIP among others, were ready but people weren’t for worldwide pandemic. Perhaps we should learn something from this situation and be better prepared for the future. The year 2020 is barely even on its halfway and a lot has happened. Can’t help but wonder what does is yet to come?

How do we prepare?